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Herbalist Remedy treatment for Coronavirus

 Herbalist Remedy treatment for Coronavirus 

Herbalist Remedy For Coronavirus

How could you combat Covid-19 and my magic remedy to defeat it

    Coronavirus is not the most
    dangerous virus, as was commonly reported on TV channels websites, and social media have grabbed it, making it a terrifying bogey and a mighty gossip that man cannot survive if he gets close to it. Although the mortality rate among those affected is small compared to the rest of the diseases that are fatal to humans. It is really a virus of a degree of seriousness and must be taken to prevent it, but the infected young people are recovering from it and killed only the elderly and those who suffer from chronic diseases that destroy their immune system and make them vulnerable to relapses that lead to death.

    • Among my observations of the advice of local doctors and international health organizations, touching the masks for the purpose of adjusting their position every time and making them identical to the face so that the virus does not enter through it can bring disease because it is contrary to what doctors recommend avoiding touching the face by hand except after washing it with water well.

    For easy and ease in understanding the issue, we will put the matter in steps we will take it to fight the virus, then give you the magic recipe that  I rolled out with it the flu and a dry cough that used to take a long time every winter until I recover from it and to strengthen my immunity, so it is very useful against any virus.
    1- Avoid shaking hands and tell your family and loved ones for your safety.
    2- Avoid putting your hand on your face, especially when you are outside.
    3 - Wear protective masks especially when you suspect that you have any disease and are afraid to pass it on to others or among the crowds.


    4 - Place any kind of antiseptic or gel in your pocket or moisturizing and use it whenever you touch something outside the home such as car handles, stairs, etc.
    5 - Wash your hands after entering the home before you touch anything and count until twenty before you get rid of the soap in your hand{ twenty seconds} and sterilize the door handle after you enter.
    6 - If get sick do not lie on your back, that will make you breathe difficultly.

    Now comes the Magic Remedy, which is really magic in increasing immunity and prevention before the disease worsens and before you take any medicine or once you feel a burning sensation in the pharynx, cold, or sneeze.

    {Half a teaspoon of ginger is added to a small lemon juice and mixed, then put a teaspoon of olive oil and two teaspoons of honey and mix and drink in his time directly and repeat three times a day} I insist it's a magic remedy.

       using steam is one of the most powerful 
                                 ways to kill coronavirus                                       


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