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China and what caused to the world because of Coronavirus

China and what it caused to the world because of Coronavirus

I suggest that China get punished for what she has done to the world because of Coronavirus


After China's recovery, leaving  Coronavirus behind and spread it to the whole world, I have to demand China financial compensation for what happened to us due to the repercussions of the Covid-19 crisis, the suspension of flights, our inability to travel and the delay in our work, in addition to the psychological state that was aggravated by the fear and panic of the possibility of infection with the virus.

Look at the countries and their peoples suffering from disease and fear while their governments stand almost helpless, do not know what to do.

If it was not China that produced the virus, at least it has got out of China because of their eating snakes and bats and this is not from human actions.
Therefore, the very least is that it lends a helping hand to the affected countries without charge. Or will get Punished by the economic boycott of all its products.

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