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The miracle of stevia in getting rid of high blood pressure

The miracle of stevia in getting rid of high blood pressure 

Ps: Stevia should be natural leaves and not manufactured with modern technology


I haven't had any
old age diseases like high blood pressure or hypertension because I always was looking for alternatives from herbs to fruits, which make up for me to resort to medication and doctors and I was treating high blood pressure that comes from time to time, perhaps due to eating something or psychological condition after an argument, tension or anxiety.

I used to use bitter pickled olives, which I made myself every season, or use cabbage paper in vain, and my pressure was actually lowered, but gradually, which makes me anxious until it settles.

But now after I discovered the effectiveness of stevia leaves in reducing blood pressure, I began using them whenever my pressure increased.

 - A study conducted in 2003 demonstrated that stevia sugar reduces high pressure to its normal level because it contains compounds known as "glycosides", which work to dilate the vessels and improve the process of blood flow carrying oxygen to different parts of the body.

 - A study in 2010, the European Food Safety Committee (EFSA) examined the possibility of allergic reactions when consuming stevia sugar, to show reviewers that the "steviol glycosides" of the herb extracted from this type of sugar do not cause allergic reactions when consumed.
 Stevia sugar damage.
 Although stevia sugar works to treat high blood pressure, it may pose a risk to people with low blood pressure, so pressure must be reviewed before relying on it as an alternative to sweetening.  Stevia sugar may lose the effectiveness of some medications when taken with it, such as appetite suppressants and cancer treatment that increase fertility.
So you have to be careful as I do and you will win, but if you are already have taken pills you should not cut the medication But it can be used as a catalyst when crises intensify

so you've got to things to keep your health in the safe side
1- Bitter pickled olives { I will write a post how to do it}
2- Stay away from the carbohydrate or reduce it using alternatives such as almond or Saturated hazelnut or my keto bread.
3- Use the Stevia The magic leaves.


Olive leaves


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