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How to strengthen the lungs in order to be able to fight the Coronavirus

How to strengthen the lungs in order to be able to fight the Coronavirus

 It has become known to
everyone that the coronavirus is programmed to attack the tissue of the lungs and their vesicles so that it can begin and practice its demonic rituals in parasitizing them and harnessing them so that they can live as long as they can before the immune system armies can kill them or win if it finds weakness or a loophole in those armies.

 Therefore, the most important castles that must be fortified in order not to find an outlet are the lungs and their vesicles.

 How can one make it Strong and become an impenetrable dam that  Coronavirus will not dare to approach its walls as well as to climb and enter it?

 Make sure to do the following exercises every day.

 This exercise is not nonsense or an attempt to fill pages as some do, but an exercise that I used to practice whenever I felt shortness of breath due to an allergic reaction that I suffered from, which affected my entire body, including lungs, so I had an asthma sensitivity that forced me to use Ventolin Spray. But I was able to exercise, thank God, to dispense with it

 Here are the exercises

 1- Take a deep inhale, then exhale.

 2 - Hold your breath and look at the watch while you are covering it, to see how many seconds you can handle it.

 3- Start taking the breath after that, but do not take a deep breath in one jar, but in small batches. It means little inhale, then exhale, then little inhale, then exhale until you are comfortable.

 4- Repeat the second and third paragraphs four to five times

 5- You can repeat the exercise three times a day to strengthen your follicles

 It is also beneficial for those who have been afflicted with corona to have help, God willing, to strengthen the lung and tolerate the disease until it goes away, God willing.

 For Corona patients, doctors recommend lying on the abdomen better to help their breath than on the back.

 And God wrote healing for all

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