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How to succeed in Keto diet and my cheeper keto bread recipe

How to succeed in the keto diet

After keto diet

I started the ketogenic diet in the early
winter of the last year 2019.

I've got involved in it suddenly and did not take it gradually Therefore, I suffered from severe symptoms that swept my body for the first three days of painful diarrhea and dry mouth.

But I was endured with those annoying symptoms and patients among its troublesome beginnings.  Then I started getting used to it. I even loved to search for keto stuff when going shopping Enjoy cooking its own dishes.

After a week, I started to feel heart palpitations،
I measured my blood pressure and found it to be high and increasing, I asked friends and they were all against the idea of ​​following this system, so they did not know why and asked this diet's followers but they didn't have such symptoms at all.

Then I found on YouTube that the cause is an acute shortage of potassium. So I applied Dr. Berg's advice to take Potassium Streat. The result I was stunned less than half an hour after I took the effervescent tablets.

And I said to myself: Hey old lady, Go...

I lost 4 kg in the first two weeks, although I did not follow the percentage with the diet because of my fear of the excess of fats and cholesterol in the blood. But I reassured after I had done blood tests about three months later. All results were good except for a slight rise in beneficial cholesterol.

So I set out in this diet, enjoying shopping for it and looking for the best food recipes I used to do myself.
I stayed on it for six months.
After that, I stopped because of my sister's pleading and her persistence, because she saw that my face had lost the glasses that it looked like, although my age had exceeded sixty and the people were counting me in the forties before.
Put,,,,, I didn't leave keto forever and I did a good trick. It was that I will be keto at breakfast and dinner while I can eat what I want at lunch. Woo, I made it.  I succeeded in stabilizing and not let my weight increase. Thank God  I'm still on this strategy.
Know I have to tell you my good and Keto bread's recipe

1/4 cup of ( water, coconut )
1 egg
1 Tsp of ( olive oil, Chia,

Fennel Seeds 

3Tsp Sesame seeds
1/2 of ( Anise seeds, baking powder ) 
Put the dry ingredients in the blender for a minute and then but the rest for another minute. Put the dough on a  greased wax paper and put it in the toaster until become a lovely goldy color.👌

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