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Upon quarantine crisis How to protect yourself if the appendix attached you

Upon quarantine crisis How to protect yourself if the appendix attached you

In the coronavirus crisis How to protect yourself if the appendix bell rings

Upon the quarantine
crisis, it becomes difficult to reach hospitals and obtain help unless you suffer from symptoms of Corona and you must have reached the advanced stages of the disease to be admitted among the patients. What if you were surprised by the deadly appendix crisis?.

Sometimes health crises require immediate hospitalization, or your life will be in danger and the strongest painkillers don't help relieve excruciating pain.

 They say that appendix does not affect the elderly people, but when it hit me, I knew that I might be still considered as one of the youth groups, even though I am over the age of sixty.

 When the appendix symptoms started it was a strange pain at the stomach after I had eaten a large amount of ice cream and then the pain moved quickly to the lower abdomen towards the right to settle at the far right with a rise in temperature, then the matter developed into constant vomiting even when my stomach became uttered to the water with a complete lack of appetite.

 I stayed the whole day in bed and my sister begged me the next day after I had told her, to go with her to the hospital but I refused because I wasn't able at the time to move due to the exhaustion that afflicted me.

I realized when searched the internet that my illness symptoms looked obviously the symptom of the appendix but I didn’t know what to do,... then I remembered a video I saw of an Iraqi man about the treatment of colitis in alternative medicine when I have had pain in the colon so I benefited very much, and that was probably the beginning of the disease I have and did not pay attention to it.

Appendix treatment

 The treatment was called  Basra Limon, as the Iraqis call. It is a dried black lemon, so I started taking it's powder and drinking water after it. The next day I had vomiting, but the pain was still severe. The Buscopan pells were very useful to ease the pain and after a few hours, I was able to leave the bed.

 On the third day, I went to the hospital after Persistently from my sister. The doctor confirmed the topic of the appendix after detection and the work of MRI and told me that the operation is a better choice in my case so that the crisis will not attach me again and I may not have time to be able to ask for help.
But I insist not to do it and told him about my treatment when he asked me about it

He said: Tamam (in Turkish) when I said: black lemon and Buscopan, in support of what I've done.

 I went home and put the black lemon powder underhand, present it, and the Buscopan drug for any sudden emergency.
The crisis really came back after about three months, so I suppressed it with praise, thank God.

 I'm sharing my experience to be an assistant only, as emergency cases are especially in the Covid-19 crisis when going to the hospital is a big problem or something difficult to reach.

You could use the dry lemon.

God heals you from every disease.

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