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The easiest fruit to plant at the balcony upon the quarantine

The easiest fruit to plant at the balcony  upon the quarantine 

Eat fresh strawberry

  To grow
fruit in your balcony to eat something fresh that has not been touched by health tampering

 And chemical fertilizers that help to enlarge the size of the fruit while losing its natural taste and sweetness?

 Although my balcony is very small and does not even reach half a square meter, I have tried it with easier fruits in agriculture, it is strawberry

 But the problem I faced was strawberry is from crops, that love the flat wide areas to stretch.

 So I worked for a ruse that I may succeed in. It cost me months 

 In fact, not all the months I was taken care of it, but I didn’t leave it.

 It surprised me at the new season when it started flowering.

Banggood WW

 So I completely changed my mind and begin to take care of it 
and hoped to complete my joy by seeing its real fresh fruitful. 

  Thank God, it paid off

The method I followed up with was that
 I cut down their roots to stunt them first
and I repeated that several times at intervals.

 The second trick was to make it grow like a tree
 by cutting from its branches periodically whenever it wants to crawl.

 All I have to do now is that
 Turn it into a bigger pile

 But I chose to show you the work first 

Banggood WW

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