Get rid of irritable bowel pain with chilly pepper

Get rid of irritable bowel pain with chilly pepper

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Colon pain

Have you ever think of the chilly pepper as a treatment to help you from COLONPAIN?

I did, and it was by the incident because I use to use chilly pepper into my recipes and consider my life not possible without it.

Chilly pepper

When I've had a strong allergic in the skin and then my whole body, because of taking some kind of medication, doctors ordered me not to eat Spicy foods so as not to increase my sensitivity.

 After that, I started to feel pain in the colon and sometimes it becomes strong until it makes me lose my balance and fall to the ground sometimes.

 I thought carefully about what had happened to me reasently and I thought it may happend because of the medicine that may often contains some sedatives.  But when I get rid of allergy medication to a treatment that my doctor advised and another that I discovered myself, I found the strange alternative therapies because I do not like these drugs and I imagine when I toke them every day I I'm sawloing an amount of cement that I enter intentionally into my stomach and will be so hard to clean the body from them. That's why I love the alternative treatment. And home remedies
I then had suffered from colon pain and thank God I discovered then the reason of it. It's  because I quit my old habit of eating hot peppers.

And the surprise was that the chilly pepper ( the fresh) was a catalyst in my recovery from allergy with other materials I will mention it in another post later.

How to get used to eating hot peppers if you are not used to eating before

You have to get use to eat it step by step.
The first day take just a little piece of it, less that the thumbnail and begin to increase it every two or three days until becomes one aday and then once a foodmail.

Chilly pepper

 Note: All talks was about about fresh pepper if it is red or green and not harmful spices.

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